Journey to NYC, Nov 2, 2007

Within the first few minutes of waves crashing over the bow, we found a number of leaky hatches and water leaking through at the mast- step.  Stuffing towels around the leaks was a good-enough temporary solution as we continued to sail the boat throughout the night. We were on a three-hour watch system which meant I would helm the boat for three hours while Andrew slept and vice versa. As we entered the Oswego River we quickly spotted the marina. We throttled back into neutral, and immediately heard a loud thud as the engine proceeded to die out. Panic quickly set in when it wouldn't restart. We knew that Fidelity's momentum would quickly dwindle out and that getting to a dock was critical. We rounded up into the first open slip we found and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.  What we didn't know at the time was that this would be the first of many engine failures to follow.  We found a mechanic who was luckily available and able to quickly repair the problem. After clearing customs, we began working at taking the mast down and prepped to cruise across the Erie Barge Canal.  Over the next 5 days we woke to chilling temperatures, and a layer of frost that covered the deck. Without a heater, the only thing that got us through those brisk mornings were the Salus Survival suits that Andrew had picked up for the trip. That, and the thought of the warm Caribbean weather that awaited us.  We  traveled through the narrow canal in upstate New York from the West to East, which lifted and lowered us through 30 locks eventually reaching the Hudson River in Castleton, just north of Albany. We re-installed the mast, rigged the boat and continued down the Hudson for the remaining 150 miles toward New York City. As we sailed south, our excitement escalated when we began to see the skyline of NYC and a beautiful sunset. The thought of night life in the big city quickly became a reality. We docked at the 79th Street Boat Basin and immediately hit the city...

Sunset on the Hudson in NYC

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